New meme token

Puppy Token

Puppy is a community driven token! That’s right, we pride ourselves on unity while creating a safe space for all. From the moment you own $ PUPPY, this Doge is going to be busy digging you up a fortune!


Why You need puppy?

Puppy is a community driven token. We look out for our Puppy fam! Every $Puppy token holder will receive rewards in the form of $Puppy. There is a 10% fee on every purchase, 1% is redistributed to the community for long term support

Puppy Community

Puppy strives to create one of the strongest communities out there. If you’re longing to be part of a solid crypto community you’ve found the right place.


Total Supply
Marketing Fee
Dev Fee
Community Distribution
Help Pets

$Puppy Token

We help puppies worldwide. Part of our revenue model goes towards helping puppies in need. We plan to make a difference!

Please find our donation address below:


Accepted Any ERC20 Token


Puppy Coin
Launch $Puppy on Uniswap
Form strong partnerships with world leading dog care centers
Puppy Merch
Upon 10k members we will launch our $Puppy merch store
Puppy NFT
Puppy NFT’s will represent real world puppies. We care!


Into the metaverse we go! One of our long-term goals will be to integrate our NFTs into the metaverse. We’re not quite sure what this will look like yet, but we’re excited to go on the journey.